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Who doesn’t like Italian cooking, real, authentic Italian cooking? The hearty, heady aromas that emanate from the kitchen; a thick, rich tomato sauce bubbling on the stove, garlic and spices sautéing in a pan, lasagna in the oven and the eggplant parmesan . . . Italian food is more than just spaghetti and meatballs or pizza. It has a rich history of using the ingredients supplied by nature, in the tastiest combinations imaginable. From seafood to vegetables, to carefully crafted sausages, to creamy or tomatoey sauces, the food of Italy is a joy to be shared with your family and friends.

Cooking shows have become very popular around the world, so popular that there is even a Cooking Channel in the USA dedicated to professional chefs displaying their skills and a hugely popular show in Japan, Iron Chef that pits professionals against each other in a timed contest of skill, organization and imagination. Masterchef Australia has been an enormous hit and just recently their episode Christmas in July special pulled in a 1.767 million national audience for Channel Ten Australia. The kitchens and equipment these professionals use are a homemaker’s dream.

We have a different approach . . . we are going to produce a show featuring the “real” Italian cooks, the ones who learned their craft in their home from their mothers and grandmothers, the women with the profession known as casalinga. No professional chefs trained in a culinary school with scientifically developed kitchen protocol, but tried and true recipes learned under Nona’s watchful eye. Everything we will do has been experienced in Italian homes from recipes developed by trial and error by generations of casalingas in every part of the culinary delight that is Italy.

When it comes to comfort foods, every cook is a little bit Italian, even in the Outback. So, beginning soon, we are bringing to audiences around the world, starting right here in Australia, a great cooking programme featuring Italian cooking by the cooks who know it best . . . Italian homemakers from here in our homeland and from those still in theirs. We will be featuring tried and true recipes from Italian grandmothers, non-professional chefs and other contributors from all over the world, recipes developed in the home kitchens in all parts of Italy, then handed down from generation to generation of Italians. Those of us lucky enough to have an Italian grandmother will have fond memories of the aromas of her kitchen on Sunday afternoon. Those of us who don’t have an Italian grandmother will now share the joy of those memories.

Every programme will feature Italian recipes prepared by the experts. You will see, how to fashion these wonderful, satisfying foods in your own kitchen. Our show will be so real that you may even smell the cooking aromas. The programme will be available on podcasts as well as in video format and online at our website. We will approach Italian cooking from every angle; ingredients, regionality, preparation, variations and the use of herbs and spices, all featuring those wonderful, handed down recipes from grandmother’s kitchen.

Another feature will be recipes contributed by you the viewer from your grandmother’s cookbook. Send us your favorites and they may be featured on one of our shows, maybe even with you (or your grandmother) performing your culinary skills in our kitchen. Grandmothers of the world, unite. You now have a forum for all those recipes you never thought your granddaughter or grandson would learn to cook.

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